Royal Play Mughalliz




  • Increase performance & Energy
  • Increase Enlargement fertility
  • Improves Potency
  • Makes sperm healthy
  • Tighten sensitive muscles
  • Increase power, Strength & stamina
  • 100% Ayurvedic NO SIDE EFFECT
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Shilajit – For power with antioxidant property.

Saffron-Useful for healthy skin and reproduction. (Reproductive power.)

Safed Musli-Boost vitality and improves sexual performance.

Gold-For strength and stamina.

Ashwagandha-Boost energy, keeps healthy mental ability with anti-aging property.

Salam Mishri is known to promote to release the right amount of sperms.

Jaiphal-It helps in intensifying the sexual encounter.

The male sexual organ plays a major role in sexual activity, for which it is necessary to remain in an erect position for a sufficiently long period of time and for this the nerves carrying blood to the reproductive organ need to be strong enough.

Royal Play is a natural product and all the ingredients are natural and have been mentioned in various text books for its desirable medicinal properties. Benefits in providing proper strength to the blood vessels and thus provides full erection for longer duration.

Royal play strengthens and nourishes the muscle tissues by increasing the blood transport capacity of the veins and delivering micronutrients to the tissues, thus eliminating the weakness of the male sexual organ and providing the highest level of orgasm during intercourse. Helps in achieving satisfaction.

Do you and your partner have different sex drives?

Method of quantity

3-5 grams twice a day with milk or as directed by the physician.

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